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Mary sent me an email, we are working on building our website, and in her email she asked me to start writing! I am so thankful for Mary and Jay. I see this as an overwhelming job. Lots of new words, plug-ins, widgets, etc. so foreign- but we live in a new market so we must learn new things. She has asked me to write a blog- another new thing! 

I have been writing my prayers for years but only God and I read them! Now I need to write and keep it focused on one subject that will make sense to all those reading it, which my husband David will tell you is a task for me! LOL

So my first step is to ask God to help me! Next step is to go to the scriptures for my answers. I have a habit that I have followed for many years- What day is it? The 12th so I start at psalm 12! The first words are “Help Lord; for the godly man ceases: for the faithful fail from among the children of men!” After reading this scripture I realize this describes our society today! After all did we not just re-elect a president who doesn’t honor God. But in verses 5-7, God has a promise to those who are faithful. So what is being faithful- being full of faith- What if Faith? He 11:1 tells us “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So we are to be full of the substance of something that we hope for. It is something we can’t see at this moment.

So what is that something in your life you can’t see at this moment? Is it a person, maybe a mate, a child or maybe just a friend, – is it money, health, or maybe it is peace! No matter what it is, before it is manifested in our lives we have to believe it will be. So for me today I have faith that this website and all of its foreign workings will manifest itself in my life with the help of those God has put in my life that are proficient at doing just that.

I tell you this story to help you see that there will always be new things in our lives that we have to learn and that we must step out in faith and do the uncomfortable. God will lead us each step of the way even when we don’t understand and are scared.

What does it mean to understand? That is the next question I will search out!

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