Making Decisions and Choices

iStock 000007274585XSmall Making Decisions and Choices

Writing! Wow Mary asked me to write and I get scared! Me write what do I have to say? Just writing causes me to be very vulnerable. Then I ask myself why do I feel that way? Is it because I don’t feel I have anything worth saying or is it pride- that I have to admit it is something I don’t feel I do well, even get overwhelm by!

Each morning I sit down and write to the Lord- How I feel-what is troubling me- I ask Him questions- why, how, who, what when- I seek his face for the answers to what I do in my life- decisions, choices- we have to make them every day.

We can choose to tear into the day and do it our own way and all on our own. Or we can take time to seek his mind on all the matters of life we face each day.

Today I am taking my granddaughter to visit Moody Bible Institute. She is considering it as a choice for her college education.  This is a challenge for me- not the decision to go to Moody, the drive into a large city! I am not very fond of cities; I much prefer the quiet country and peacefulness of the forest.

So today I am seeking God’s help, protection and guidance to accomplish this task at hand. I am praying for safety, mechanical soundness, direction and peace as we travel and for a time of fellowship with my granddaughter. As I prepared I found some scripture that I had wrote on my prayer notebook years ago. Isaiah 51:12-16, it reassured me that God has us covered, that He puts his words in my mouth and that we are his people. He cares what happens to us, whatever we do, the choices we make. I am praying that my granddaughter will make the choices that He has ordained for her life.

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